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Our Classrooms

BioKids has three classrooms: the Infant Program (3 mos – 18 mos), Toddler Program (18 mos – 33 mos) and Preschool Program (30 mos – 5 years). Families experience an unusual continuity of care at BioKids; children are in one classroom, with the same peers and teaching staff, for a relatively long period of time.  Transitions from one class to another are sensitive to the needs of the child, their family and their peers; it is done gradually, with great care and an understanding of both the individual child and the class as a whole. 

Our three age groupings are a hybrid model based on recommendations given by NAEYC and the Utah Child Care Licensing Program. Their recommendations are based on how young children grow and develop. These age groupings afford children a daily opportunity to interact with and learn from peers of different ages and abilities. The overarching focus of our program is that it is developmentally appropriate. Our activities and expectations are appropriate for each age grouping as well as each individual child. BioKids follows a play-based curriculum that incorporates child-initiated learning (play) with teacher-directed learning opportunities.



Last Updated: 10/4/21